Our Successful Vets’ Section Report

  • May 16, 2017

Hi all

With fine weather upon us and winter well and truly gone we have our first bulletin of 2017.    Before that though, a very happy Easter to all  members and we look forward to seeing you in some, if not all, of our many competitions.

  No problems so far and favourable weather conditions has allowed our first four competitions to have been successfully run on schedule.   As usual I list all the winners from these events.     


Winter Texas Scramble:

Winners;  Alan March,  Geoff Arnold, Derek Thoroughgood  &  Graeme Booker. 

Runners-Up:     Maurice Jewell,  Annie Neilson,  John Cope   &  Brian Stoneham. 

Closest to Pins:  John Wild (surprise surprise), David Cable,  David Trout &  David Trout again.


St Davids Day Competition:

Individual Winner:    David Cable  (41 pts)

Runner-Up:     Brian Stoneham  (39 pts)  –   on countback

 Team Winners:   David Cable,  John Dalton  &  Joe Connolly  (115 pts)  –   must be a record  score!! 

Runners-Up:   Ted Robinson,  John Warren  &  Mark Pitchford  with only 105 points.

 Closest to Pins:   Keith Robinson,  Brian Hume,  Ann Morris  &  Brian Plummer.


St.  Patricks Day Competition:

Individual Winner (Ladies):     Judi Cable  (34 pts)

Individual Winner (Mens):      Peter Medlock  (39 pts)   –  on countback.

Runner-Up:  Steve Skinner  (39 pts).

3rd Place:  Brian Aish  (38 pts).

4th Place:  Nigel Gordon  (37 pts)  –  on countback

5th Place:  John Martin  (37 pts).

Green Ball Team Winners:  Brian Hume,  Trevor Wright  &  Mark Pitchford.  (37 pts).

Runners-Up:  John Robson,  Ian Fowler  &  Tony Lidbury  (36 pts).

3rd Place:  Keith Robinson,  John Glen  &  David Bundred  (35 pts).

Closest to Pins:  Nigel Gordon,  Tony Pratt,  Les Newman  &  Brian Tullett.


Note No 1:    A very big ‘thank you’ to all those members with Welsh and Irish connections for sponsoring the St.Davids and St. Patricks Day events.   Both were great fun.   Roll on St. Georges Day.


Note No 2:  Believe it or not but during the above three events, a sum in excess of £900 has been raised for the Captain’s charity, Clifford Hill School in Caterham.    Keith, has asked me to convey his sincere thanks to all those who donated so generously.    Oh and by the way this sum includes a tidy amount collected from all those ‘3 Putts’. 


Spring Texas Scramble:

Winners:    Nigel Gordon, John Dalton, Martin Hobbs  &  David Bundred  (60.4 pts).

Runners-Up:     David Trout, Graham Williams,  Mark Pitchford  &  Brian Stoneham  (60.8 pts).

3rd Place:  Geoff Arnold,  Terry Jackson,  Peter Mills  &  Viv Robinson  (64.4 pts).

Closest to Pins:   John Redding,  Martin Hobbs,  John Dalton  & Terry Jackson.


Upcoming Events: 

Monday 24th April  –  St. Georges Day Competition:    If not yet entered and would like to do so,  please contact David Trout without delay – (davidtrout575@btinternet.com).

Wednesday 17th May  –  Ray Dowthwaite Trophy:   Individual Stableford  –  turn up for a  normal   Roll-Up and register with Nigel in Golf Reception.

Monday 22nd May  –  Vets Away-Day  at Nizels.   Please see list on Notice Board or contact me direct if you would like to participate. 

Monday 5th June  –  Mike Leggo Trophy:   Individual Stableford –  as above –  simply register with Nigel on the day.    


Vets Invitation Day:   Although a long way away, John Williams and myself have already started making preparations for what is the Vet’s Flagship event of the year.  Both of us have been involved in its running for several years and feel that it is time to hand over the reins to some new blood.  As such if any member or members would be interested in taking on such a ‘fulfilling’ role please let me know.     


Vets Working Party:  As some of you  know it is our practice once a year to recruit a working party to carry out painting/cleaning duties on the patio and surrounding areas.  This year’s date has not yet been finalised but hopefully I’ll be in a position to let you know shortly.    So get ready to volunteer!!.  


Shoe Spiking & New Grips:    A reminder that Nigel Summerfield is well qualified to carry out repairs to golf clubs and shoes.  He provides an excellent service at attractive prices so please give him your support and don’t even think of going elsewhere!.


Club Captain 2017:    Congratulations to Brian Tullett,  a vet for several years,  on his recent appointment as  Club  Captain.    We wish Brian every success and hope he has a truly wonderful year.


And on that happy note I shall sign off.

Kind Regards,