Badger Repair Day

  • April 17, 2016


Read on to find out why we are a Club and not just a Course.

Yesterday, another team of doughty men and women – Alan Tait, Alan Stein, Adrian and Kaye Swift, Barry Wells, Fiona and Charles Roberson, Gerry Sharp, Graham Panting, Grahame Jarrold, Jeff Gledhill, John Redding, Martin Hobbs, and Ralph Spence met at the pro shop at 0930 and by noon had tackled every piece of badger damaged turf on the course with good results.

Also yesterday, due to perfect weather conditions, 4 Vets (Tom Wrafter, John Williams, Tony Millard and Lawrence Platter) were able to Jet Wash the patio and re-paint numerous pieces of green fencing and sheds.

Next Thursday 21st April, the Vets will be buying more green paint and hardwood stain so a larger team can carry on painting everything in the patio area which doesn't move a lovely shade of green or mahogany. This will include the hardwood tables and chairs.

Liquid refreshment dispensed by the pint was very kindly provided by Lindsay Dove.

Well done and thank you to all the members who helped

John Redding (Course Director)

14 April 2016